The views expressed here are my personal views and do not in any way constitute official positions, policies or endorsements of my employer. All views are my own. With all due respect to the families and friends of the missing Flight MH370 passengers and crew, it is intended that the objective evidence and conclusions presented herein provide renewed inspiration to the search team to also investigate the reported 'Maldives sightings' as part of the ongoing search for MH370.


I believe there is compelling objective evidence that indicates Flight MH370 very likely ended its journey just after sunrise on the morning of 8th March 2014, in the North-West of the Indian Ocean in a very remote location in the vicinity of the Maldives Islands. I have images and the precise geographical coordinates of what appears to be an “Aircraft-Shaped” object resting on the sea bed, near fully ‘intact’, that I believe could be the main fuselage of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. I have documented much correlating analysis to support my findings and this General Brief is intended to provide an overview of my key findings about the object itself and the correlating evidence that supports my findings. My detailed analysis that underpins this brief is documented in a series of personal papers that contain detailed calculations, analysis and diagrams from my research and investigations. (My Reference: MA-MH370-PossibleFind-SergioCavaiuolo-v1b-ExecSummary-v2)

The Correlating Evidence

Whilst I have been following this aviation mystery since the day it occurred, more recently since April 2015, I have spent much of my spare time reviewing and analysing information, media reports and various official publications relating to the disappearance of MH370 – essentially undertaking an independent review ‘across’ the information and data.

What has become apparent in my review, is that over the course of the last 16 months, quite a lot of objective evidence (from independent sources) has surfaced that clearly hold clues as to where Flight MH370 likely ended up on the morning of 8th March 2014. This evidence, when considered in isolation may not appear relevant or important, however when it is analysed and considered together, there is a strong convergence indicating that MH370 likely ended its journey in the North-West Indian Ocean and more specifically, in the vicinity of the Maldives. – Furthermore, the detailed analysis in my papers shows a strong correlation of the objective evidence to the geographical location of this “Aircraft-Shaped” object I have found and also with timing of MH370 related events that occurred on the 8th March 2014. The correlating evidence has convinced me that this “Aircraft-Shaped” object MUST be investigated as it may very well be the missing MH370 aircraft.

As an engineer it is in my nature to question and analyse everything objectively and/or factually and with an open mind! I would therefore like to leave you with this to consider...

If MH370 was my aircraft, I would investigate every lead, all clues and all evidence thoroughly, no matter how unlikely it may seem, - as it may just lead to finding the aircraft. I certainly would NOT dismiss possible evidence or clues simply because it is not in agreement with the “Inmarsat Satellite Report” conclusions (arguably the best available information during the early stages of the MH370 search). However, considering that not one piece of MH370 evidence has been found to date in the Southern Indian Ocean (SIO) search region, then just perhaps this is testimony in itself that the MH370 aircraft is simply not there...?

Yet conversely, what I am presenting in this brief appears to be a physical, tangible "Aircraft-Shaped" object, at a specific geographical location that seems near fully ‘intact’ and the shape and size of which, is consistent with the dimensions of the missing Boeing777-200ER aircraft. This object needs to be investigated.

Independent Evidence Topics

Below is a summary of the main Independent Evidence topics (IE1,IE2..etc) that I consider provide the greatest significance and correlation in support of my findings, especially as they are from independent sources:-

It appears as though the answer to this mystery may have actually evolved over the last 16 months – the objective evidence just needed to be correlated. Read the reports, view the images and the attachments referenced in this brief, and you can draw your own conclusions...

Sergio Cavaiuolo
Bachelor Of Engineering in Electronics, Systems Engineer
Adelaide, South Australia

Crucial Sighting

At approximately 6:15am Maldives local time, on the 8th March 2014, residents on a remote island of the Maldives reported sighting a low flying "Jumbo-Jet" that appeared to be white in colour with red and blue stripes (consistent with the colours of a Malaysia Airlines aircraft).

Reports indicated it was flying very low, so low in fact that the windows were clearly visible and that the aircraft was very loud and very noisy. The locals also stated that they had never seen such an aircraft of that type, in this area before.

This I believe is a crucial piece of evidence in this tragedy...

I believe the aircraft that was seen by the Maldivian locals was in fact Flight MH370, and that this was the last true visible sighting of this aircraft before it ended its flight.

First Images of Possible MH370 Aircraft

These images are some of my original screen captures of the object that I believe may be MH370. These are also contained in my analysis report. Due to the resolution of the images, it is best to view these in low ambient light (i.e. Room lights turned off and image size on the screen approximately 6cm Wide by 10cm High, similar to the size of a hand held mobile phone screen).

Image 1:
This is a cropped version of my first image when I discovered a solid light-coloured, "cross-like" object under the ocean surface that on further analysis, I concluded resembled the shape of a large aircraft. I used this image to measure the approximate size of the object, and also postulate its orientation where it rests (see report extract (650kb)). My original image of this screen capture also identifies the nearest inhabited land mass to this object which is also contained in the full report.

MH370 Image

Image 2a:
This is a copy of one of my original images, where the brightness and contrast have been adjusted to highlight the aircraft shaped object.

MH370 Image 2a
Click to View Full Size Image
Image 2b (Zoomed with labelled features):
Looking closely at the zoomed-IN object (and this is only my opinion), there appears to be aircraft-like features – two wings, a central fuselage and a tail assembly. Note: Especially the left-most appendage looks like a silver triangular wing of an aircraft.

MH370 Image 2b
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Image 3:
This is the image of the object that convinced me I was looking at an aircraft. This is a view of the front of the plane from above, looking at the nose and top of the distinct central fuselage. Also apparent are the round "ball-like" engines on each wing appendage, one to the left and one to the right of the central fuselage. I see this image as a very sombre image of a white solitary plane, resting at peace in the middle of the vast dark ocean surround. All souls on board united as one. I cannot stop looking at this image, daily.

MH370 Image 3
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Image 4:

MH370 Image 1
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Maldives Visit (5-14th Dec 2015) – Object Investigation

As part of my ongoing investigation, I recently travelled to the Maldives to investigate the location where I believe the wreckage is situated.

Currently analysing and consolidating my visit findings, including the echo sounding images at the object location, photos and video interviews taken with new eyewitnesses on an island further South of (and after!) the Kudahuvadhoo sightings, that claim they also saw the plane fly over on the morning #MH370 disappeared. See preliminary info and images on my Facebook posts from 12th - 14th December 2015.

READ ME (Work in Progress brief): Site Visit to Object Location in Maldives (5-14th December 2015)

Reporting the Discovery

Below is a list of some of the correspondence I have had with government agencies and/or relevant MH370 search authorities:-

On the 22nd September 2015, received the following confirmation response from the JACC Director:-
(Have included full email text as it has some important points)

Dear Mr Cavaiuolo,

Thank you for your phone call and email yesterday about your work on missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

I can confirm that we have received and reviewed all the information forwarded from Sir Angus’s office to the Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC) last week. We also received and reviewed your earlier reports, sent to the the Deputy Prime Minister and the JACC in April this year.

We are aware of reports that some residents of the Maldives saw an aircraft on the day MH370 disappeared. The last satellite contact with MH370 and the fuel limits of the aircraft mean that it could not have reached the Maldives during daylight hours. The best available evidence points to the aircraft being found in close proximity to a long but narrow area in the southern Indian Ocean known as the 7th arc. Theories suggesting the aircraft is located near the Maldives are not supported by known facts or careful analysis.

You are correct in your assumption that Australia’s contribution to finding MH370 is the search in the southern Indian Ocean. As your view is that the aircraft may be in an area that is not in Australia’s search and rescue region, the Malaysian government is the appropriate recipient for your work and I note that you have already sent it to them.

Thank you for your interest in the search.

Joint Agency Coordination Centre

My Reply:

Thank you kindly for confirming your department received and reviewed my information as I do appreciate the department would receive a great deal of correspondence form the general public with best endeavours to help in some way towards this most important cause. Thank you also for confirming my understanding about the Malaysian Government’s ultimate responsibility for dealing with possible search locations outside of the SIO. Whilst I continue to have concerns about certain assumptions made in the Inmarsat Satellite report (since if the assumptions are not accurate, then the concluded flight path along the 7th Arc would also not be accurate), I do however respect the position taken in relation to that report and the dedicated effort and resources being applied by our Australian search team to locate the missing MH370.

- I sincerely wish your people and the Australian search team well in the remaining search efforts.

In the meantime, as I remain firm in regards to what the correlating evidence in my analysis is indicating, I will continue to refine and research my findings and any future data, and will be pleased to share any new information with your department and the other MH370 search authorities if it seems relevant.

Thank you once again for taking the time review my findings,

Best Regards,

On the 21st September 2015, Emailed JACC to follow up 15th September correspondence.

On the 15th September 2015, Emailed my summary brief to Sir Angus’ office. On the 16th September 2015, I received a respond thanking me and advising that my information has been forwarded to the JACC and copied to the Communications Officer of the ATSB for their attention, since Sir Angus has not been involved with the MH370 search for some time.

On the 14th September 2015, met and spoke briefly with the retired Air Chief Marshal Sir Angus Houston (at the Adelaide Town Hall) following his presentation talk at the 2015 Annual Hawke Lecture regarding his involvement in both MH17 and MH370 disasters. After a short discussion about MH370 and my findings relating to this object near the Maldives, Sir Angus suggested I send my report to his office.

On the 28th August 2015, Emailed a summary brief of the correlating evidence findings to the National Transport Safety Board (NTSB). Email Ref: MH370 INFO: Object that may be the MH370 main fuselage. Acknowledgement received on 2nd September 2015 with thanks and advising that my information has been passed onto their MH370 Investigators. NTSB also advised that in accordance with international accident investigation treaties (ICAO Annex 13), the Malaysian Ministry of Transportation is leading the investigation and they have delegated the search efforts to the Australian Transportation Safety Board (ATSB).

On the 23rd August 2015, Emailed a summary brief of the correlating evidence findings to the MH370 Malaysia investigation Team at the Department of Civil Aviation (Attention: Director General – DCA) and also to the Malaysia Airlines CEO). Email Ref: Object that may be MH370 Fuselage - Disclosure Brief to Malaysia Airlines & DCA. Email resent 25th August 2015, and acknowledgement received from the DCA office on the same day. On 27th August 2015, I followed up on the status of my information, and received a response the same day from the Malaysia MH370 Secretariat acknowledging receipt of my information pack and that it was forwarded onto her superiors for review. To date, no reply received at all from the Malaysia CEO office and, no further responses from the Malaysia – DCA regarding the content of my information pack, nor any indication of any interest in searching my object location.

On the 25th May 2015, I received an acknowledgement letter from the PM office thanking me for my information, however it did not confirm whether the object I identified would be investigated to confirm if it is indeed MH370.

Also, since publishing the mid April report, I continued to investigate my findings and was able to find further correlating evidence - from independent sources!

On the 17th April 2015, a full copy of the detailed report was emailed to the Australian Government for the urgent attention of the Australian Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister (and Minister Of Transport) and an information copy of the full report was also sent to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), for the attention of the MH370 project team. The report was accompanied by a request that this object be further investigated to confirm what it is. I trust my report will be reviewed promptly.

For the benefit of others like myself, who have been intrigued and bemused by the disappearance of MH370, and in particular for the families and friends of the lost souls on board MH370, I decided to share my findings (via this website) by including extracts from my report, in the hope that this discovery may provide a new independently assessed lead for the current search efforts, and potentially new hope to all who are still searching for an answer.

Summary of Objective Evidence

Key indicators as to why this object may be the missing MH370 aircraft:

  • The geographical location of this object is consistent with the last reported sightings of a low flying "jumbo jet" over the Maldives;
  • The object is resting in a remote area of the ocean, obscured from inhabitants of the nearest landmass and therefore would not be found unless this area was specifically targeted
  • The object is light in colour (white), the shape of the object resembles that of an aircraft, and the size of the object is approximately 60m x 55/60m (as best measured on my screen captures). This size is consistent with the size of a Boeing 777-200ER (Same aircraft type as was MH370)
  • The object itself appears to be remarkably intact – as a whole! - suggesting the aircraft may have entered the waters gracefully on its “belly” at a low speed and a shallow angle of entry – Almost like a controlled landing, but on water. (Perhaps this partially explains why no MH370 debris has been found to date?)
  • The last satellite handshake communication attempt (01:15UTC) with the aircraft correlates with the timing of the last observed visual sightings of the aircraft over the Maldives. It is possible that MH370 could have still been airborne at the time of the 01:15UTC handshake attempt, but unable to send the response message from the aircraft’s satellite terminal. (See Independent Evidence – IE1, analysis point 'e'.). Maldives sightings occurred around 6:15am Maldives local time on 8th March 2014 which corresponds to 01:15UTC. Note also that after the 01:15UTC satellite handshake, there were no further handshake communications by the aircraft with the satellite ground station.
Given the aircraft had been flying for almost 8 hours (confirmed by the satellite "pings") then it follows that on passing over the Maldives this aircraft was almost out of fuel and therefore most likely on its final downward descent. I therefore concluded that assuming the Maldivian sightings of this aircraft are accurate, then MH370 must have ended its flight somewhere in the vicinity of the Maldives, and more specifically I deduced a specific area of interest where I discovered this object. I believe this may be the missing Flight MH370.

The Analysis Report

The 19 page analysis report containing full analysis and colour images, is entitled:-
SERGIO CAVAIUOLO REPORT – FINDING MH370 (Version 1), dated 12th April 2015.

A partial extract of the full report can be downloaded here (1.8mb).

The Object's Location

We are unable to disclose position information at this time - in discussion with government agencies.

So what happened on Flight MH370?

Download: What Happened On Flight MH370 - My Theory (4.4mb)

About The Author

My name is Sergio Cavaiuolo. I hold a Bachelor of Engineering Degree (Electronics) from the University Of South Australia and am currently employed as a Systems Engineer for an Adelaide-based engineering company and have been in this field for the past 25 years.

I have had a fascination for planes from a young age, and was very shocked by the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 last March. So much so, that I have been following this tragedy ever since it began.

It does however represent my own opinion as to what I believe this object may be given its location, size, appearance and presented objective evidence. With all due respect to the families and friends of the missing Flight MH370 passengers and crew, further investigation of this object is required to confirm whether it is the missing aircraft.